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  • Accredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist - Dietitians Association of Australia
  • Master of Nutrition & Dietetics - The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Nutrition & Metabolism) - The University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition Essentials - Dietitians Association of Australia
  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach Feeding Therapist (Children) - The STAR Institute

Hi! I am Stefanie, I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist and the director of The Dietologist, based in Sydney, Australia.

I am currently working with women and their partners (just like you!) across Sydney and Australia to help them nourish their growing families from conception to childhood. Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, giving your child their first foods or battling with a fussy eater, nutrition can play a vital role in your family’s health and wellbeing.

A healthy woman (and of course, a healthy partner) is what it takes to produce the very first two cells of our life - an egg and a sperm. These two cells are the foundation for every other cell in our body. There is no doubt that what you eat, drink and expose yourself to during the 3-6 months before conceiving up to early childhood can predict your child’s future health outcomes and risk for various conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, allergies, asthma and so much more!

I hope to be that continuous support for your growing family from pre-pregnancy to childhood and beyond! Guiding you through life’s little bumps (which always seem to involve food in some way!) with recommendations based on science designed just for you!

I also work with The a2 Milk Company to provide expert opinion regarding matters of paediatric nutrition and educating other health care professionals about a2 Milk™ products based on the scientific evidence. All views, thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not represent the views of The a2 Milk Company.

In my spare time, I love spreading the word about nutrition science in the media, both print and digital, which have included features in: Women’s Health Australia magazine, news.com.au, Medibank Be. magazine, SBS Food and the Olive Wellness Institute, you can read these articles (and many more) on the Media page. I also collaborate with food industry to work on improving our food supply. Plus, I run Sydney-based nutrition workshops and talks on women’s health, fertility and children’s nutrition topics.

Being a dietitian is a life-long learning journey and I strive to remain as up-to-date as possible in the ever-evolving world of nutrition. I have and continue to regularly pursue additional training in my interest area of early life nutrition, gut health and also general nutrition issues.



Proudly working with…


Nutrition Plus is a group of experienced dietitians who specialise in reproductive and prenatal nutrition. To join the Nutrition Plus team, dietitians undergo comprehensive assessment and training, so that you can be assured that when it comes to reproductive and prenatal nutrition, you are receiving the best services possible. Consequently, I am proud to be a member of the Nutrition Plus alliance!