As part of my role as a dietitian & nutritionist, I regularly provide expert comment to a number of digital and print media articles on various nutrition topics, see below for my most recent articles.

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Dietitian Connection
October 4 2019
What is the best diet for fertility?

Conceive Baby Podcast
September 23 2019
The PCOS Diet

July 22 2019
Supporting weight management before, during or after pregnancy

nib The Check Up
August 13 2019
Healthy alternatives to your 6 favourite junk foods

Let’s Talk IVF Podcast with IVF Coaching Clinic

September 3 2019

Diet & Fertility

The BubHub

August 26 2019

8 Essential Nutrients for Preconception

The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast with Fiona Tuck

August 21 2019

Endometriosis & Diet

Glowing Expectations

August 7 2019

The Vaginal Microbiome: A Whole New World Down Under

The BubHub
July 12 2019
8 Essential Nutrients to Include in a Vegan Diet for Children

The BubHub
June 17 2019


Women's Health Australia

March 2019 Edition

Boost Your Buzz


February 19 2019

Promoting good nutrition in pregnancy and beyond

January 10 2019

Celery Juice: What you need to know about this trend

What About Health?

December 6 2018

7 Healthy Habits Anyone Could Do (Recommended by Dietitians)

The Naked Truth Australia

November 19 2018

NakedChats: Stefanie Valakas


PCOS and Nutrition Podcast

October 18 2018

Role of Plant Foods in PCOS

Olive Wellness Institute

October 1 2018

The Mediterranean Diet & Fertility


September 25 2018

The Dietologist's Low FODMAP Breakfast Guide




September 18 2018

Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Dietitian Connection: Infuse

September 6 2018

Rising Star: The Dietologist

Starts at 60

August 30 2018

Vitamin C: From its incredible health benefits to the best food sources

Mum Central

July 18 2018

7 Crazy Diet Myths BUSTED!

Mum Central

July 11 2018

Why I Don't Make My Kids Eat Everything on Their Plates

Wonder Birthing

July 10 2018

4 Tips to Help Manage Gestational Diabetes after Diagnosis

Women's Health Magazine Australia

July 1 2018 (August Edition)

10 Weight-loss Strategies with Staying Power

June 30 2018

What's with the Kombucha Craze?


June 1 2018

The Best Healthy Snacks for Work


May 21 2018

Skinny Coffee the Next Biggest Instagram Scam

Yoga to Go

May 20 2018

Eat Well to Stay Well This Winter

Perkii Probiotics

May 17 2018

That Gut Feeling!

SBS Food

May 14 2018

Revealing the Personal Food Plan of One Dietitian

Ideal Nutrition

March 10 2018

Q+A: Paediatric Dietetics & Feeding Behaviours


February 23 2018

Top Tips for Staying Clean in the Kitchen

The Biting Truth

August 22 2016

Probiotics vs Prebiotics - What's the Difference?


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