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Hey, We’re The Dietologist team – Stefanie, Candice & Georgia!

We’re The Terrific Trio Behind The Dietologist. While We Get To Know You, We Think It’s Only Fair That You Get to Know Us, Too!

I’m Stefanie Valakas, Accredited Practising Dietitian and founder of The Dietologist. I began my career as a dietitian in children’s nutrition before transitioning to reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy nutrition, so it’s safe to say I know my stuff! I love focusing on fertility, reproductive health, and nutrition to help hopeful parents improve their health for themselves and their future child too!

I’m Candice Crellin, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 15 years of experience supporting individuals with their health goals. I’m inspired to help others on their fertility and pregnancy journey after navigating my own trials in growing my own family. I cannot wait to empower you on our unique path to parenthood!

I’m Georgia Spry, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a deep passion and commitment to reproductive health & fertility & pregnancy nutrition initially fuelled by the desire to help my loved ones who, just like you, were struggling with reproductive health concerns. My fire burns brighter than ever supporting individuals just like you on your reproductive health journey, I love seeing you thrive!

We Have A Vision For Hopeful Parents (Including You!)

At The Dietologist, we envisage a world where every hopeful parent can receive nutrition support that is practical, effective and scientifically backed before parenthood to improve their chances of conception, experience a feel-good pregnancy, and support their future child’s health too!

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*self-reported pregnancy results from our clients, not all clients inform us of their happy news. In addition, not all clients are actively trying to conceive during their time with us or plans change!

Work With Our Fertility Nutrition Experts 1-on-1 Via Zoom

Medicare and Private Health Rebates are Available!

Express Prenatal Supplement Consult

Are you overwhelmed by the endlessly long pharmacy aisles filled with prenatal supplements? Too much choice can be a bad thing when you don’t know what you’re searching for.

Our Express Prenatal Supplement Consultation is here to provide the answers. And you’ll only need 30 minutes – so book us in during your lunch break or while you’re cooking dinner!

2 Hour Fertility Nutrition Intensive

It seems like everybody you know has an opinion on what you should eat, drink, and do to optimise your chances of falling pregnant.

But, if you’re short on time and ready for personalised expert tips, then this consult is for you!

We take a deep dive into your individual needs and goals with our two-hour Fertility Nutrition Intensive Consultation, complete with bespoke supplement plan & downloadable fertility nutrition eGuide.

1:1 Fertility Nutrition Coaching

We know that every person’s fertility journey is unique. For many, their path is not what they envisioned, and this can cause anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm. Can you relate? You’re not alone!

Our 1:1 Fertility Nutrition coaching is here to bridge the gap between confusion and clarity. Beyond providing expert nutrition advice in our role as your expert fertility dietitian, we’ll also hold your hand through the ups and downs of your fertility journey.


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Ready To Access Tailored Support From Expert Fertility Dietitians?

Our fertility coaching programs are completely tailored to you and come complete with ongoing wrap-around support. We’re ready to guide you through your journey – no matter what it looks like. Start your journey by booking a no-obligation discovery call with one of our experienced dietitians today!