My journey to being diagnosed with endometriosis, with all the twists and turns!

In this bonus episode, I am opening up about my recent personal journey of being diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic inflammatory condition affecting reproductive organs and other parts of the body which can affect a woman’s fertility and general health and wellbeing. This condition affects 1 in 10 Australian women.

In this personal recount of experience, I open up on how I pulled the pieces of the puzzle together and worked out I had endometriosis which started about 5 years ago.

Please speak to your doctor or medical team for personal medical advice, this podcast episode does not serve as medical advice but rather a sharing of personal experiences.

I’m Stef, fertility dietitian and nutritionist, aka The Dietologist and host of Fertility Friendly Food, here to help inspire and empower you through factual nutrition information about women’s and men’s health, hormones and fertility.

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