TW: This episode covers the topic of miscarriage. If this is not something you feel you should  listen to today please skip this episode and listen to one of our previous episodes on Fertility Friendly Food! If you need support, please seek the advice of your GP or contact The Pink Elephant Support Network  here 

Sadly 1 in 4 pregnancies unfortunately end on  a loss. Recurrent miscarriage is characterised as 2 to 3 consecutive miscarriages and unfortunately effects 5% of couples wanting to conceive? . At The Dietologist we do sadly see clients who feel like there is something they could have done to avoid pregnancy loss and this is certainly not the case.  No ONE  nutritional change we can  prevent pregnancy loss and many are due to chromosomal abnormalities or circumstances beyond our control.

Today we are joined by our team dietitian at The Dietologist Candice Crellin APD whom has a special interest in recurrent miscarriage nutrition.  We talk about the possible causes of pregnancy loss, and then take a look at the  controllable factors in what can feel like a very uncontrollable time-  nutrition and  lifestyle!  Candice gives us her TOP TIPS for optimising fertility via nutrition in this incredible episode!

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