So, you've got a question about my new 3-month signature pre-conception nutrition program?

I probably have the answer for you in these FAQs.

1. What if I get pregnant during the 3 months?

Well - yay! That's theĀ aim of the game - isn't it? Don't worry though I am fully trained and qualified to provide you with the very best pregnancy nutrition care for the remainder of your consultations.

2. I'm not from Australia, can I still be a part of the program?

Of course! This program is 100% online, we connect via Zoom for the face-to-face appointments and I connect with couples across the globe.

I am absolutely shocking with time zones though, so when you book your free callĀ to chat, select your time zone to make sure we get it right!

3. Isn't face-to-face just better?

Honestly, many of my face-to-face clients in Sydney switch to virtual to avoid the parking, the commute and the hassle and they love they get the same high-quality service whilst they're in their pyjama bottoms at home on the couch.

I share my laptop screen to talk through concepts during our time together and draw on a digital whiteboard to explain concepts to you and send through anything you need via email afterwards too.

3. I can't really convince my partner to get in on the action? What do I do?!

Of course, whilst it is ideal to have both partners invested in making lifestyle changes as we know that it takes two to tango for optimal fertility. We can definitely work around this!

I often see partners for a small portion of a consultation, or alternatively provide recommendations that you can then pass on.

It is really nice to have a partner when making lifestyle changes to help you feel like a team and keep you accountable.

Plus, it is totally awesome future-Dad practice for them too. Role modeling positive diet and lifestyle behaviours for when their future child arrives!

4. I follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, are the recipe ideas suitable for me?

Yep! I've got you covered on this one, plenty of vegetarian and vegan meal inspiration. Just let me know when we get started!

5. I am going through IVF, is this program suitable for me?

Definitely! This program is totally personalised to you and your fertility journey, if you're currently going through infertility treatments let's work on a dietary approach that is actually going to help enhance the outcomes of these.

Obviously, if you've already done the retrieval and frozen the embryos, it's a bit late to be focusing on egg and sperm health now.

But that doesn't mean we can't focus on optimising your baby's first nursery - your uterus so that embryo can snuggle in for the long haul!

4. Is there a payment plan available?

There is! I now offer Zip Pay which allows you to invest your health right now and pay it back monthly in manageable installments.


Have I missed something? Send me an email.


Limited couples will be accepted into the program, don't miss out!