The Dietologist is more than just a virtual nutrition clinic, we offer a variety of different ways you can access expert fertility & pregnancy nutrition support. Whether you want an online program you can work through yourself from your device, deep-dive intensive sessions with your own fertility dietitian, or our popular high-touch point 1:1 coaching programs. Our qualified team are here to get you on track with your fertility nutrition plan!



Want the confidence of knowing you're nailing your fertility nutrition with a grab-and-go 7-day meal plan? Designed by a fertility dietitian & nutritionist, you can get started today with a printable shopping list and simple recipes based on the Mediterranean dietary pattern.


Our wildly popular 30-day online program is designed to take you from confusion to clarity on all things fertility nutrition whilst building your very own nutrition plan along the way! Work through expert-approved video lessons, worksheets and get access to a community so you can have your questions answered!


Got the nutrition piece of the puzzle sorted, but feeling overwhelmed by the huge number of prenatal supplement options available on the market? You are unique and your prenatal supplement plan should be too! Receive a prenatal supplement plan in just 30 mins designed just for you.


Need another pair of eyes when it comes to your fertility diet & supplement plan? Accelerate your progress with a customised nutrition & supplement plan from an expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist in this 2-hour deep-dive session plus a complimentary fertility nutrition eGuide.


Want a 100% customised approach and ongoing access to your own fertility dietitian who can support you on every step of your journey? You'll receive personalised consults & plans, weekly check-ins and resources so you have the accountability to reach your lifestyle goals and optimal fertility!





The Dietologist team, founded by leading reproductive health & fertility dietitian and nutritionist Stefanie Valakas, aims to support women and couples throughout their fertility and reproductive health journey.

Our expertly qualified fertility & pregnancy dietitians, Kaylee Slater, Candice Crellin and Stefanie Valakas can help you upgrade your diet and lifestyle to improve your chances of conceiving and having a happy & healthy baby. We support you along every step of this very special journey!

We help manage issues including endometriosis, PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, thyroid conditions, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), early menopause and poor sperm quality in males (and more), whilst maintaining our well-known practical and compassionate approach to nutrition.

We are renowned for our thorough and compassionate approach, so much so, that we have received awards & nominations for our high-quality care by national organisations!


Here at The Dietologist, our goal is to bring clarity and ease to nutrition for fertility & pre-conception. Because navigating pre-conception as a first-timer or seasoned IVF veteran can be seriously overwhelming!

So, here's our proven approach that we use every time you work with us!

  • Strategy: We get it, you need a game plan! You will walk away with a clear action plan of practical changes that you can work on, without the radical dietary shifts that will stop you from enjoying brunch on Sunday morning with your friends!
  • Support: Feeling alone when going through delays to conception, fertility investigations and fertility treatments? We are here to support you by answering your questions, refining your plan and connecting you with additional resources when you need more help. We are here to be your ultimate cheerleader on what can be a rollercoaster!
  • Empowerment: Understanding your body, your menstrual cycle and how your diet and lifestyle are nourishing and supporting your fertility health to help get you closer to your goal of conceiving your healthy & happy baby - is truly empowering! Bringing ease, clarity and flexibility to your lifestyle so you can modify your plan each day, without the stress or guilt whilst honouring your body's cues.

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Our expertise and our client's stories has received widespread media coverage, including this article from Healthy Food Guide (December 2021).