Are You Giving Your Clients Blank Stares When They Ask What The Best Prenatal Supplement Is For Them?

A 3-hour Professional development event for dietitians to dive in DEEP into fertility & prenatal supplementation protocol planning

  • Say goodbye to hours of research and confusion. Gain access to expert knowledge to confidently recommend prenatal supplements tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Confused between folate and folic acid? Or zinc oxide and citrate? Dive deep into ingredients, labels, top recommended brands by me, designing bespoke supplement plans for various clinical scenarios – IVF, miscarriage & PCOS
  • Access to the live event AND the recording, CPD quiz, eGuides & bonus plug & play templates that will transform your daily practice and provide top-notch care that your fertility clients will rave about!

“Thank you so much for the training! Tailoring supplements has been a challenging task for me and this webinar gave me so much clarity. Loving the free resources that I got, very helpful and more than what I expected!”

Previous Dietitian Attendee

Are You Giving Your Clients Blank Stares When They Ask What The Best Prenatal Supplement Is For Them?

Then the hours of research begin after the session, scrambling to review the different labels and review the guidelines and see what might be right for them, perhaps a few posts in a Dietitian Facebook Community.

And now you’ve spent another 30 mins-1 hour outside of the session trying to get it all right?

Those days are about to be over, fellow dietitian! 

There is an obvious lack of resources and training available for dietitians & nutritionists who are looking to provide specific, evidence-based and practical supplementation recommendations for those trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments and IVF.

This training has been designed to advance your practice, expand our scope in the arena of prenatal supplementation and give you the confidence to design and recommend specific, appropriate and practical prenatal supplement regimes with ease!

Get Rock-Solid on your supplementation plans that WOW your clients & Enhance nutrition plans for maximum results! ⭐

In just one 3-hour workshop you’ll:

  • Get to know the prenatal supplement basics – when to take them and why they’re needed
  • Get the nitty-gritty on calculating nutrient requirements for your individual client
  • Gain insight into how to match a client to best products for them and the unique considerations involved in this process
  • Understand the bioavailability, tolerance and dosing of prenatal & fertility supplement ingredients
  • Advancing your practice with understanding considerations for IVF, Recurrent Implantation Failure, Miscarriage, Endometriosis & PCOS
  • Design bespoke prenatal supplement plans with case study examples to apply your learning right away!
  • Learn how to counsel clients and improve compliance with supplementation plans.
  • Answer your questions live!
Fertility and Prenatal Supplement Masterclass for Dietitians

Fertility & Prenatal Supplement Training for Dietitians

In This 3-HOUR LIVE Masterclass You Will Discover my Unique, tried & tested and evidence-grounded approach to fertility & prenatal supplements

It can be a challenge navigating client enquiries about the latest “hottest” nutrient for egg quality or pregnancy, and marrying that up with the scientific literature.

I’ve done the hard work for you and pieced together the practical bits that you need plus the 2024 updates based on the latest science and developments to bring you a refill on what you need to know so you can take your supplement planning for your patients to the next level

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“Really fantastic. The guides are AMAZING! thank you for giving us your top 3 supplement [brands] you like to use, it really is such a huge time saver”
Previous Dietitian Attendee

We’ve Run This Training with over 80 dietitians before, with rave reviews…

“Thank you for taking the time to support others working in the same field, it is so nice that everyone is so collaborative and helpful, it means we can all make a bigger difference.”

Previous Attendee

I really enjoyed learning about the different forms that nutrients are available in supplements and which ones are most useful/bioavailable. And of course learning about each nutrient and when to use it during pregnancy”


“This was a fantastic course. It has made me a lot more confident in recommending supplements such as inositol and NAC for clients with PCOS/Endo.”

Previous Attendee

“Thank you so much for the training! Tailoring supplements has been a challenging task for me and this webinar gave me so much clarity. Loving the free resources that I got, very helpful and more than what I expected! Looking forward to what you will share next”

Previous Attendee

“Such a detailed education and insight into best practice of supplements guidelines and practical use.”


“I genuinely loved your supplement recommendations – there are a lot of supplements available nowadays and it can be quite overwhelming. I also loved your supplement comparison document as well. I also loved how you applied your clinical reasoning when indicating why you may increase doses and key considerations (MTHFR, Omega-3, selenium).”


“I found this training session so incredibly useful and learnt so much. I am feeling much more confident to be able to work with fertility clients and provide a comprehensive supplement plan. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Stef! You can tell that so much time has gone into sharing so much information in such a clear way”


“I did the previous supplement training as a new grad and although I found it useful then, I can say that after this refresher (and a couple of years experience as a dietitian) I fell so much more confident in prescribing supplements to my clients. The value included in this training is incredible and as always, explained in such an easy to understand way.”


If you’re thinking “This sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give the Fertility & Prenatal Supplement Training for Dietitians, if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You’re a dietitian working in the fertility & pre-conception space for a while and not feeling as confident as you’d hoped about prenatal supplement recommendations
  • You are keen to move into the fertility nutrition space but feeling apprehensive about recommending supplements
  • You have been winging it for a little bit and want to confidently communicate your supplement recommendations to clients and colleagues on the team, alike
  • You want to save precious time and become more systematic and efficient at developing prenatal supplementation plans that your clients will rave about!
  • You’re decent at the basic prenatal recommendations but you know there’s more to know about accessory supplements for IVF, PCOS & Endometriosis

Hey, I’m Stefanie Valakas!

Expert Reproductive Health, Fertility & Pregnancy Dietitian & Nutritionist, Founder of The Dietologist and Clinical Mentorship Leader

About 7 years ago I took the leap to invest my weekend and money (the little that I had) into a training on fertility & pregnancy nutrition, and it was quite literally a turning point in my career and propelled me into quitting my job and creating The Dietologist.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was how much supplementation was going to be part of my consultations when I got started. And I had to learn more about it and QUICK to keep up with my client’s questions! I wanted to position myself as an expert in this space. Plus I wanted avoid the conflict of information my clients were experiencing getting supplementation advice from their doctor, naturopath, pharmacist and us too, leading to overwhelm and commonly, inaction.

We know a prenatal supplement is an essential, not a nice-to-have when trying to conceive & pregnant, but there’s a whole host of other considerations based on the evidence that may benefit your client and their unique medical history, weight, biochemistry, diet, preferences & dietary restrictions too.

I did it the hard way, I sat and read the labels of all the prenatal supplements, researched ingredients, read the articles, tried and tested products on myself and collating feedback from countless clients about what works and what doesn’t too.

Myself and my team have created over 500 custom supplementation plans, so safe to say, we know how to do it and do it well! And I’ve helped over 50 dietitians learn how to do it too. So you know, I’ve got your back!

This is why I have designed this LIVE workshop to help save you countless hours researching and position dietitians as the go-to resource for expert prenatal supplementation advice.

So…Any Questions? Here’s What Others Have Asked Before The Training

This is a once-off 3-hour training (either accessed live or recorded), you will likely need to spend another 2+ hours reviewing the bonus materials and if you would like to do further reading too. Many of the previous students have revised the recording and parts of it several times after the event too!

It seems like a lot in one go, I know, we take a little breather in the middle but it’s the quickest most effective way I can get you up to speed with the complex sea of information on fertility & prenatal supplement information.

From there, the ball is in your court to apply your learnings to your patients. Or you can check out the Fertility Friendly Dietitians Clinical Mentorship Group for ongoing support! More on this in the live event!

I absolutely love to hear other health care providers keen to expand their knowledge on fertility & prenatal supplementation planning.

Sadly, I am unable to host non-dietetic professionals at this time, due to a scope of practice issue.

Working with nutritional supplements sits within a specific extended scope of practice as a dietitian, and therefore training those without this assumed knowledge could place you at risk – which I wouldn’t want to do!

Just supplements!

The nutritional demands & food side is all assumed knowledge this allows me to hone in on just supplementation and dive in deep into the demands, ideal amounts, forms, timing, designing plans and reviewing the latest science on the accessory supplements you can use to support optimal fertility outcomes too!

I love to see you coming back for more! 🤩

I have given the slides a 2024 update and refresh to ensure the information is up to date PLUS I have also added some hot topics into the mix too, including: The Great Folate Debate (folic acid vs folinic acid vs methylfolate), CoQ10 – is ubiquinol the ONLY option?, the latest egg quality booster – Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride and what to do if your patient doesn’t swallow tablets!

PLUS fresh new case studies to put your knowledge to the test 🧠

Previous students will receive the opportunity to re-attend live and receive the updated recording for a significantly reduced price so you can access the 2024 updates and brush up on your learnings and ask your questions.

If you haven’t received this information already – please contact us at [email protected]

You have 90 days, about 3 months, to access the training and download any materials to refer back to. So there’s time to watch and re-watch the masterclass and revise the materials in your own time after the live session concludes. All participants will receive an email with the recording within 24 hours of the live event concluding.

IMPORTANT: Unsubscribing from our email list will disable the ability for us to send your replay to you.

You receive:

  1. Access to the 3-hour training recorded in April 2024
  2. 90 day access to the replay to watch & re-watch
  3. Copy of the slides
  4. Comprehensive reference list
  5. Plug & Play templates to help calculate your client’s requirements
  6. Prenatal Supplement eGuide for Dietitians
  7. PCOS Supplement eGuide for Dietitians (valued at $200 AUD)
  8. Endometriosis Supplement eGuide for Dietitians (valued at $200 AUD)
  9. The questions I use to assess prenatal supplementation requirements in consult
  10. Discount to our Prenatal Supplement Comparison Document – available to purchase if you wish

Check out this behind-the-scenes video tour here…

I hear you! I do, CPD ain’t cheap.

This will save you literally years of research and get industry insights that no-one is telling you about. And you will be making an incredible ROI in no time, this is one of the most practical and informative CPDs you can do – and the proof is int he feedback from the over 50 dietitians who have taken it before!

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Ready to Stop Scrolling PubMed and Facebook groups and confidently design & counsel patients on their fertility supplement plans?

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Come and join me live or catch the recording after the event and secure your seat! I am not certain when or if I will run this event live again, so grab this rare opportunity to advance your practice TODAY!

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