BOOST YOUR IVF masterclass

Are You Ready to Wave Bye-Bye 👋to No Gluten, No Dairy & no Sugar Diets for IVF and Say Hello to a practical & scientific IVF Nutrition Game Plan That you LOVE? 😍

A LIVE 60-minute IVF Nutrition Masterclass From An Award-Winning and Expert Certified Fertility Dietitian & Nutritionist

  • Discover the 4-step scientifically-grounded (and very practical) formula to prepare your body for IVF to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy & a healthy baby!
  • Find out how to avoid the biggest fertility lifestyle mistakes you are probably making that could be sabotaging your progress on your journey!
  • Get expert step-by-step guidance from an expert in the fertility nutrition field, at a fraction of the cost of working with us one-on-one

I just did your masterclass as we’re going to go through IVF soon. As always, I’m blown away by the amazing information! Thank you so much for creating these courses!


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there about nutrition for IVF?

Leaving you totally confused and overwhelmed about even getting started!

This means you really are missing out on some of the benefits of making diet & lifestyle changes to your IVF outcomes. Like nurturing your eggs, sperm and uterine environment, to name just a few!

As a certified fertility dietitian, I know just how frustrating the fertility journey can be. We’ve seen countless clients struggle through rounds of IVF before coming to see us, often not knowing there are qualified & scientifically grounded dietitians who can support you through IVF sooner.

Many people leave nutrition as a “last resort” if all else fails…

But I know you’re not like most people…

You’re proactive, organised and want to be prepared!

To take back some of the control of this rollercoaster ride (that you’re so desperate to get off) that is IVF.

And participate in your care in a tangible way to make a positive contribution to the work of your medical team! Rather than feeling at the mercy of has been hijacked by hormones, emotions and the process of IVF.

That’s why I created the Boost Your IVF Success LIVE masterclass. It’s a 60-minute masterclass designed to help those undergoing IVF, or planning to undergo IVF who are ready to prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy and baby. In the masterclass, I share my 4-step formula that has helped my 1-on-1 clients on their IVF path.

The truth is, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and confused on your path to starting a family.

IVF Can Make You Feel Like Your Body Has Been Hijacked

A Solid Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan Can Help You Take Back Some of the Control!

In just 60 minutes you’ll:

  • Simplify the IVF nutrition noise with the latest scientifically-backed (& highly practical) nutrition & lifestyle tips that you can implement right away!
  • Understand why nutrition & lifestyle are pivotal in fertility & pre-conception health to enhance the health of your pregnancy & future child.
  • Feel calmer, more confident, and empowered on your path headed into your next round of IVF knowing you’ve been proactive about your health!
  • Save time and energy by avoiding the confusion and frustration of endlessly Googling fertility tips.
  • Eliminate the guesswork and get a clear, actionable plan.
  • Know exactly what to discuss with your doctor and what tests to get!

Boost Your IVF Success: The 4-Step Nutrition Formula masterclass

In This 60-Minute LIVE Masterclass You Will Discover the EXACT Framework We Use With Our 1-on-1 Clients to support your iVF Journey

Your body is your future baby’s first home, and learning to nourish your body using evidence-based nutrition can transform your fertility journey and optimise the health of your pregnancy and your baby too!

But most importantly, it can be an absolutely critical part of your self-care during a challenging time mentally and physically when undergoing IVF.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an award-winning expert fertility dietitian’s insights. Click below to secure your spot in the Boost Your IVF Success: The 4-Step Nutrition Formula Masterclass now.

Don’t Love The Masterclass? We’ll Give You Your Money Back

We are so confident you will LOVE the Masterclass, that we have included a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you feel like you aren’t happy with the masterclass, simply email us within 48 hrs [email protected] and we will happily refund you in full. No questions asked.

We’ve Helped thousands of Clients with Fertility Nutrition, Here’s what the Experts & Our Clients Are saying:

“Stefanie is an excellent dietitian who is across the latest research. She is progressive in her approach to delivering evidence-based dietetics to women and couples struggling with infertility. I highly recommend Stefanie to anyone considering nutrition for fertility and women’s health conditions particularly PCOS and endometriosis. She is a valuable resource to me in these areas.”

Claudia Vavasour

Fertility Dietitian & Founder of Fertility Nutrition NZ

“Stefanie provides a wonderfully comprehensive, informative and practical service for all of my patients. She is up to date, passionate and genuinely cares about her clients. Stefanie is also a great colleague in that she shares academic information and her own knowledge without hesitation. I have learned a lot from Stefanie.”

Dr Natasha Andreadis

Fertility Specialist

I love sending my clients to The Dietologist as I know they will get sensible, no-nonsense guidance on their nutrition and supplementation needs for pre-conception and even early pregnancy. This is an anxious time for many women and couples, and finding their way through the overwhelming mass of fertility nutrition advice out there is daunting. Stef and her team keep it ‘real’ by delivering evidence-based advice, tailored to their clients needs and individual situations and in ways that can easily be implemented into busy lives.

Highly palatable and in an easily digestible way.”

Lucy Lines

Embryologist & Fertility Educator from Two Lines Fertility

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the endless information you supply. It’s really relatable information that I am really thankful for! You are also very responsive and always willing to assist. you know you work and you’re the only one that comes to mind when wanting to choose to work with someone in the future. So THANK YOU”


The Masterclass was so informative and I wasn’t aware of a lot of the information. It has definitely helped me with how I want to proceed before my next transfer and getting myself ready and in a healthier position. Stef was amazing. Thank you 😊 


“Even though we are on different continents, she helped me apply the knowledge to my country and what is accessible, and made the distance unimportant. She always uses research to support her advice.”



I was already in the middle of cycle when I took this masterclass. It gave me reassurance / confidence that I have been and that I am still doing all the right things. I was fascinated about the generations of dietary effects grandmother, mother etc. Easy to understand all the points given.


“I just did your masterclass as we’re going to go through IVF soon. As always, I’m blown away by the amazing information! Thank you so much for creating these courses!”



“The masterclass was very interesting and education [I] learn[ed] new things”



“Great session, very informative and loved all the tips! The webinar was very interesting and easy to follow. Thank you!”


“Thank you so much for this session, it was extremely informative and has helped reassure me to keep at it! I’ve picked up tips on some new different dietary additions and I’m going to look more into working on supporting inflammation through diet. Love your Instagram page and Podcast. The work you’re doing for us all is just amazing!”


“Love your knowledge and enthusiasm! It was really helpful, especially the sperm section and even got my partner on board. More often than not egg quality gets blamed for a lot and it’s great that you’re incorporating the male side too.”


“The masterclass was a great overview of everything to consider for fertility health. As someone up to their 8th round of ivf, I’m looking for any ways I can increase my egg quality and chances of success. Diet advice covered is great.”


“Loved the practical advice and knowledge”


If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give the Boost Your IVF Success Masterclass a risk-free shot if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You’re preparing for IVF for the first time or the 10th time.
  • You want to maximise the massive amount of time, energy and money you are spending on IVF by doing your part in providing the best “raw ingredients” possible to the embryologists to help you.
  • You want to break free of endless Googling of the next fertility supplement that your cousin’s friend took for her IVF cycle and instead rather be spending time with your loved ones and relaxing knowing you’re doing your best!
  • You are ready for a fresh approach that is scientifically-grounded so you don’t look back on the next cycle of IVF wondering “what if” you gave the nutrition & lifestyle approach a go!
  • You know you need support from industry leaders that actually get the unique challenges that people going through IVF experience and find a community that understands you.

Hey, I’m Stefanie Valakas!

Leading Certified Fertility & Pregnancy Dietitian & Nutritionist

I help proactive individuals and couples (just like you!) nourish their bodies and support their conception journeys. I aim to bring all the practical nutrition strategies and none of the wild rules and restrictions (sorry, there are no mandatory gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, fun-free diets here!).

My approach is all about finding what we can add into your diet to support your body and less about the restrictions you’ve been Googling about!

I’ve worked with thousands of people from around the world to help them with their fertility journey, and am incredibly passionate about pre-conception and fertility health.

I know that having a clear roadmap developed by experts based on science and the support of an amazing community can help you feel confident, calm, and empowered as you navigate this roller coaster of IVF.

This is why I have designed this masterclass to cut through the clutter and help you simplify your IVF nutrition plan and answer your questions!

Can’t wait to see you there!

So…Any Questions? Here’s What Others Have Asked Before The Masterclass

Boost Your IVF Success: The 4-Step Nutrition Formula is a practical 60-minute masterclass designed to cut through the fertility & IVF health and nutrition noise and give you a step-by-step framework that you can apply RIGHT AWAY.

Designed by a certified expert in fertility health & nutrition, that’s me, Stefanie Valakas APD, certified fertility & pregnancy dietitian and nutritionist and founder of The Dietologist, a multi-award-winning virtual clinic.

You will walk away with an exact roadmap of the very next step you can take to improve your health and well-being to prepare for your next round of IVF and know that you’re doing what you can in a situation where you feel SO out of control!

This is a once-off 60-minute masterclass. That’s it, all you need is 1 hour to put the wheels in motion ahead of your next cycle!

From there, the ball is in your court to take the next steps to get prepped for IVF using the scientifically grounded and practical nutrition and lifestyle game plan that I share inside!


Sometimes when you’ve been doing IVF for a while, it can feel like you have already done everything. Honestly, this is a huge proportion of our 1-on-1 clients, but there’s a reason why they work with us and it’s because our approach is different. It comes with a lot less pressure, and a whole lot more practicality, and guess what?

You can have the “perfect” diet and supplement plan on paper, but if you aren’t actually able to get it into your mouth, it is not so “perfect” after all…

Join us for this low-cost 60-minute masterclass and take the opportunity to pause and reflect and review your current health and well-being, especially if you have never done so before, or haven’t in a while! Taking the time to evaluate and improve your diet and lifestyle is never a loss, and it may be a part of the missing pieces of your fertility puzzle!

I totally get it! When undergoing IVF, you’re in researcher mode and finding lots of information online, on social media and of course from well-meaning friends & family. And yet, it leaves you feeling lonelier and more confused than where you started, and stressed that you “aren’t doing enough”.

BUT, this masterclass is based on the latest research and science. Plus, it helps you cut through the overwhelm and focus on the most effective strategies to support you, without the guilt trip or boring bland and restrictive diets!

And, I equip you with my 4-step formula to Boost Your IVF Success so you can feel calmer, clearer and more confident about taking action as soon as the masterclass comes to an end!


This masterclass was designed specifically for those undergoing IVF. If you are undergoing other kind of fertility treatments like ovulation induction or IUI, it may also be valuable. Due to the unique process of IVF and the steps involved this masterclass is really tailored for those undergoing IVF.

We have another masterclass available if you’re interested in learning more about pre-conception & fertility nutrition and health more broadly, it’s called Get Your Body Baby Ready and it’s available on-demand here.

The vast majority of people we see 1-on-1 undergoing IVF do have a medical condition like PCOS, endometriosis, adenomyosis, thyroid concerns, pre-diabetes, Coeliac disease and much much more. So we are absolutely well equipped to handle these concerns in the context of IVF.

In the context of this masterclass, to keep it generalisable to everyone attending we will be focusing on universal principles that can benefit those undergoing IVF. So it won’t be specific to your unique health history, however, you will get to learn about the opportunity for a customised plan for your unique health history at the end of the masterclass.

As always, it’s important to seek individualised health care advice with your health care provider before making significant changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Your partner can absolutely benefit from the Boost Your IVF Success masterclass, whether they’re your support person through this process or part of your conception picture, working on diet and lifestyle as a team is key for all members!

You have 365 days, one year, to access the masterclass and download the materials to refer back to. Plenty of time to watch and re-watch the masterclass and revise the materials whenever you need to!

The Boost Your IVF Success LIVE Masterclass is going to teach you way more than a cookie-cutter nutrition and exercise plan could ever give you! Inside, I teach you a flexible step-by-step formula to improve your diet and lifestyle when trying to conceive with practical, sustainable approach without the crazy gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free dietary advice that Dr. Google is insisting is the best approach to get pregnant!

Get expert advice that is do-able and get started with the Boost Your IVF Success Masterclass.There will be a special opportunity to receive customised plans and ongoing support at the end of the masterclass, so stay tuned!

The Boost Your IVF Success is a perfect starting point on your pre-conception path!

If you need more support with your bespoke nutrition & supplementation game plan for your IVF path, we’d love to support you! Inside, you can learn more about how we work and how our expert team of dietitians can support you and a special opportunity to receive ongoing expert nutrition care with our special offer for one-on-one support.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Ready to Reclaim Some Control on Your IVF Path with expert guidance from a certified fertility dietitian?

Say hello to more food that you love and a refreshingly practical approach to your lifestyle before and during IVF in just 60 minutes with the Boost Your IVF Success: The 4-Step Nutrition Formula masterclass.

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