Here's the honest truth, meal plans are NOT for everyone, in fact, I don't give every single client a custom meal plan at every consult. I bet you're surprised by that!

But let me tell you why...
The best meal plan is the one you design for yourself and that you can stick to for the long-run, it is flexible and adaptable and that is simply a skill that you need to develop alongside a fertility dietitian & nutritionist.
Prepared meal plans and guides are a source of foodie inspiration and structure for women and men who simply don't have the time to sit down on a Sunday night, jot down what healthy and balanced meals you are going to make that week, find new recipes for some more inspiration and developing a shopping list.

Sound like you?

Well, if you're like most of the women I work with, they KNOW it is so important to meet nutritional needs before pregnancy for optimal fertility for themselves and their partners. BUT the logistics of it all is holding you back!
So, this is exactly WHY I developed my range of 7-day (weekly) dietitian-approved fertility-friendly meal plans, to give you some fresh new ideas, have it all laid out for you for the week ahead with a shopping list too and you can rinse and repeat!

Why Mediterranean Inspired Fertility Meal Plans?

The Mediterranean dietary pattern has been proven to be beneficial for both male and female fertility, with improvements being shown in sperm health and improved pregnancy rates.

You can read more about the science behind the Mediterranean diet for fertility here.

PLUS, it is a delicious, sustainable, and affordable way of eating associated with loads of other positive health benefits including improved mental health, brain, and heart health too (so many wins!)

What Fertility Meal Plans are available?

There are 4 Mediterranean-inspired fertility-friendly meal plans available for men and women trying to conceive:

  • 7-day meal plan for women - vegan/vegetarian
  • 7-day meal plan for women - omnivore
  • 7-day meal plan for men - vegan/vegetarian
  • 7-day meal plan for men - omnivore

Each meal plan comes complete with a shopping list and recipes,  individual fertility meal plans are just $47 (AUD)

What do the Couples Value Bundles include?

The two couples value bundles (one plant-based, one omnivorous) include:

  • 7-day men's meal plan for optimal sperm health.
  • 7-day women's meal plan for optimal egg health and fertility.
  • My digital cookbook, Cooking with The Dietologist, for even more recipe inspiration.
  • PLUS some of my favourite templates I use with my clients to make it your own!

The bundle is worth $108, but I have pulled this together for you at a bit of a deal at just $97 (AUD)!