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We’re a 100% virtual practice, pioneering new ways to serve our community who are trying to grow their family.

We Have A Vision For Hopeful Parents (Including You!)

At The Dietologist, we envisage a world where every hopeful parent can receive nutrition support that is practical, effective and scientifically backed before parenthood to improve their chances of conception, experience a feel-good pregnancy, and support their future child’s health too!

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*self-reported pregnancy results from our clients, not all clients inform us of their happy news. In addition, not all clients are actively trying to conceive during their time with us or plans change!

Nourishing your growing family from conception to Parenthood

We Know The Road To Growing A Family Isn’t Always A Smooth One

If you’re here, it’s probably your goal to grow a family – how exciting!

But the fact you’re here also tells me that you may be struggling to conceive. With this struggle comes lots of hard-to-process emotions and experiences you didn’t expect to encounter. You’re probably confused, anxious, frustrated, scared, and overwhelmed. You’re probably tired of hearing advice from everyone (including those spookily specific ads in your Instagram feed!) and not sure who to trust. And you’ve probably spent many nights Googling for answers. If you can relate – you’re not alone!

The Dietologist Was Born

When I found myself frustrated about the lack of information surrounding fertility nutrition, I aimed to do something about it!

I’m founder Stefanie Valakas APD, expert fertility and pregnancy dietitian and nutritionist, and I’ve seen hundreds of clients in the position that led you here to me today. We understand what you’re going through. And we’re pleased to say that we’re here to help.

I started out in the world of children’s nutrition, where I saw the impacts health and feeding behaviours have on our next generation. Day after day, I saw many families struggling with these concerns, which coincidentally stemmed from a lack of good nutrition and healthy habits by parents during pre-conception and pregnancy.

I thought: ‘How could we, as dietitians, know what we know about how critical diet and lifestyle are in pre-conception and not step in as soon as we possibly can? When it comes to both the health of future parents and the impact this will have on their baby’s lifelong health, we need to be singing it from the rooftops!’

That’s right— nutrition and diet have been shown to improve fertility by almost 70%, and they can shape your child’s future health by reducing the risks of allergies, eczema, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

So in November 2018, The Dietologist was officially born! It came into the world with the goal of supporting hopeful parents, just like you, to upgrade their diet and lifestyle to support their fertility, no matter their background or medical history, and the health of babies for years and years to come.

We’ve Got A Fresh Approach To Fertility Nutrition

We are truly passionate about supporting you to achieve optimal fertility and reproductive health. We are fiercely scientific, meaning we use the latest in scientific research (the actual journal articles, not just random blogs on Google!). As a team, we have successfully helped thousands of women and couples around the world improve fertility outcomes and support the health of themselves and their babies!

The Dietologist founder Stefanie Valakas, Accredited Practising Dietitian, and our team of expert fertility and pregnancy dietitians including Georgia Spry APD and Candice Crellin APD, all utilise our signature approach of combining strategy, support and empowerment in every consultation to ensure you are heard, understood and nourished!

And it is when these three pieces overlap that the magic happens! You feel calm, and confident and experience the clarity you need to move forward, knowing you’re doing your best to improve your chances of conceiving a happy, healthy baby!


Scientifically-backed evidence forms the foundation of our strategy. For us, evidence matters!


We provide a supportive community— ourselves included— that will cheer you on and lift you up through your journey.


Add the empowerment you’ll feel after experiencing confidence and clarity about your fertility path, and you’ll see the magic start to happen!

Our Mission Is To Help You Achieve Yours

Supporting you online using our signature practical and scientifically backed approach to optimise your nutrition today for reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy.

Optimise Your Chances Of Fertility Success, Starting Today

We are uniquely equipped as expert fertility dietitians to provide highly personalised nutrition and prenatal supplement advice to those with any medical background. Whether you’re trying to conceive for the first time or a fertility treatment warrior who has experienced multiple IVF cycles, we’re here for you.

We understand that you want to give yourself and your baby the very best start by ensuring your diet and lifestyle are up to scratch. That’s why you may be wondering whether your diet needs to be reviewed for peace of mind and improved chances of fertility success. In any case, we’re ready to work with you to optimise those chances.

The industry standard consultation times are just 45-60 minutes for an initial dietitian consultation, leaving little room to hear your story and understand your lab results and full medical history. There’s no worse feeling than leaving an appointment with only one out of 15 questions answered! This leaves way too much room for post-session Googling, which can send you down a rabbit hole of stress, confusion, and overwhelm.

We dive in deep, leaving no stone unturned before we devise your customised plan. This is why our initial sessions are a generous 90-120 minutes. There’s always space and time for your questions to be answered with compassion and care by our expert team of fertility dietitians and nutritionists, so you leave feeling confident, calm and clear on your next steps moving forward!

You can increase your fertility by a whopping 69% with just 5 simple dietary changes! (Research from Harvard University)  
A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve both male and female fertility (yourfertility.org.au).
Taking the recommended doses of folic acid and iodine can reduce the risk of some serious birth defects (yourfertility.org.au).  

Your future family Deserves the best


You can always expect a thorough assessment of your needs, concerns, and expectations at your first appointment with us. There will be no stone left unturned, which is what you need regarding your health!

Person-Centered Focus

We put our clients in the driver’s seat; after all, you are the expert of your own body! We always aim to provide you with as many options as possible to help you reach your goal, and it is always up to you which path you choose.

Fiercely Scientific

As dietitians, we are scientists first and foremost, which means we are constantly scouring the latest research articles to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and evidence-based information.


We’re not just regular dietitians; we’re cool dietitians! That means we’re thinking of new, engaging, and accessible ways to reach you and our community about fertility and pregnancy nutrition!

Stefanie Valakas, APD

Leading Certified Fertility Dietitian and Nutritionist Dietitian of the Year finalist (2021)

I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist and the director of The Dietologist, a 100% virtual nutrition practice. I help people (just like you!) take control of their lifestyle and transform their diet to improve their fertility and health.

After launching my career in children’s nutrition, I delved into research into the links between fertility and nutrition. I learned that making just a few simple dietary changes in the months leading up to conception can have a significant impact on fertility success by about 69%! Pretty mind-blowing, right?

I decided to focus on fertility, reproductive health and nutrition to help parents and children live the healthiest, happiest lives possible using evidence-based dietary and lifestyle strategies to transform people’s lives. You can work with our incredible team dietitians, Kaylee & Candice for one-on-one advice and support to help take your fertility and pre-conception health to the next level!

Candice Crellin, APD

Certified Fertility & Pregnancy Dietitian and Nutritionist
Team Dietitian At The Dietologist

I’m one of the certified dietitians here at The Dietologist. I am driven to enhance your fertility outcomes through simple and sustainable lifestyle changes and ensure your pregnancy is as healthy as it can be. My passion for reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy has stemmed from my own trials of growing my own family.

Since completing my studies, I have had the pleasure of supporting thousands of people with their nutrition goals over the past 14+ years! I worked as a diabetes dietitian in the public sector, seeing pregnant women navigating gestational diabetes and managing PCOS before and during pregnancy too.

This work, alongside my personal story of navigating miscarriage and pregnancy complications, really sparked my interest in fertility & pregnancy nutrition. I completed further training and I am now honoured to be working with The Dietologist to support people just like you on your health journey!

Georgia Spry, APD

Team Dietitian at The Dietologist

Let me share a little about the heart behind my journey to becoming a reproductive health, fertility & pregnancy dietitian.

Ever since I can remember, my fascination with human development has been a driving force for me in both my professional life and even in my personal life. My passion for reproductive health was sparked by witnessing the challenges loved ones faced navigating reproductive health concerns like PCOS, endometriosis and infertility, so as a good friend does, I made it my mission to understand the intricacies of fertility & pregnancy health to help support growing families on their reproductive health & conception paths.

I know there is a sea of overwhelming information out there, “cut out this” “take this wild berry supplement” and it can feel like a huge insurmountable tidal wave! This is where I step as your expert dietitian, I can help you semalessing integrate a scientifically grounded, practical and highly personalised nutrition plan that works for YOU. That’s right it works with your lifestyle, preferences, history and goals – whether it’s getting your period back with hypothalamic amenorrhoea or PCOS or growing your family. 

Our Partnerships


Stefanie Valakas APD is engaged as a consultant for Perdays Functional Health Foods providing advice regarding prenatal supplements. Please note: all views, opinions and advice provided on this website reflect her own, not that of Perdays.

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