Ready To End the Endo Confusion and Find Freedom with Food?

Our 2-hour Endo Empower Consult is here to provide you with tailored advice and support to enhance your endometriosis management – we’ll answer all of your questions and help you identify your next steps with a complete lifestyle plan.

Unlock Personalised Nutrition for endometriosis Relief

Everybody’s Body with Endometriosis is Unique and your nutrition & lifestyle approach should be too! Ditch the DIY approach from online blogs and be guided by an expert!

Discover the Power of Personalised Nutrition for Endometriosis. If you’re tired of enduring relentless pain and discomfort caused by endometriosis? Have you tried countless approaches without finding the relief you desperately seek? It’s time to reclaim the next steps on your path forward and unleah the potential of personalised nutrition for endometriosis inside the Endo Empower Consult!

As leading endometriosis & reproductive health dietitians and nutritionists and also having lived experience with endometriosis, we truly understand the intricate nature of endometriosis and how it can impact you so uniquely from little pain at all to debilitated. Through analysing your diet, lifestyle, blood test results, medical history, pain levels, menstrual cycles, medications & supplements, sleep patterns, bowel habits and more we will gain profound insights into your unique circumstances and develop a plan that’s right for you!

There really is no stone unturned with us.

Inside our Endo Empower Consult we will work collaboratively with you to develop a personalised nutrition and supplement plan to help you reach your goals, whether that is reducing endometriosis-related pain, boosting energy levels, alleviating digestive concerns like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea or nausea and addressing any nutrient deficiencies or intolerances. You will walk away feeling empowered with our expert and practical guidance!

Get Ready To Enhance Your Endo Care

Find your unique lifestyle plan for your endometriosis symptoms & goals

You WILL feel confident knowing we leave no stone unturned in our thorough assessment.

You CAN rest assured knowing we’re using the latest scientifically-backed strategies to benefit your body.

You WILL feel relief knowing we work with your day-to-day life and don’t bombard you with unrealistic and restrictive meal plans. 

You WILL feel confident that your lifestyle & supplement plan is practical and designed just for you!


Gain The Endometriosis Diet Clarity You’ve Been Seeking In Just 2 Hours

We take a deep dive into your individual needs and goals with our two hour Endo Empower Consult. After getting to know you and assessing your needs, we will design a bespoke plan for you, including nutrition recommendations and supplementation plans, so you can unlock the potential of nutrition to enhance your endometriosis area.

  • Find out if your diet is lacking in any area, and we’ll advise the next steps to take
  • Discover the nutrition recommendations for your individual needs
  • Spend less time late night (and morning, and midday) scrolling searching for the magic bullet!

Endo Empower Consult Inclusions

A 2 Hour 1:1 Consultation Via Zoom

Our Endo Empower Consult begins with a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs. Together, we’ll set goals tailored to your aspirations, and develop a personalised nutrition plan to support you.

Bespoke Endometriosis Supplement Plan

We will match you to any relevant, safe and effective supplements for your case and provide the practical details so you can implement your supplementation plan with ease and confidence.

Custom Nutrition Plan & Recommendations

Personalised nutrition strategies to best support you, we can factor in any higher nutrient demands, dietary patterns (like vegetarianism or veganism), food intolerances and any other goals you have into your plan!


Anti-Inflammatory Eating for Endometriosis Masterclass

This comprehensive 60-minute on-demand class covers key principles to reduce inflammation, after all endo is a chronic inflammatory condition. You’ll also receive a downloadable eGuide summarising the essential concepts, as well as a 7-day anti-inflammatory meal plan complete with delicious recipes and a convenient shopping list.


Did You Know Diet is Rated as the 3rd most effective self-management strategy by people with endometriosis (after heat & cannabis) to help relieve symptoms?

Armour et al., 2019

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have the answers!

You sure can! We offer consultations worldwide via Zoom. It’s as easy as selecting your time zone when you make a booking and then scheduling a time that we’re both available.

The virtual Endo Empower Consult with our expert endometriosis & reproductive health dietitians & nutritionists is priced at $490 AUD inclusive of nutrition and supplement plan and bonus masterclass access and the 2-hour consultation. Please keep in mind these prices are for new to practice clients only.

The Endo Empower Consult is right for you if you need a one-off consultation with a customised nutrition and supplementation plan based on your unique needs, bloodwork and history, as well as your goals, and are happy to work on implementing on your own without any further input from us.

Perhaps the time commitment of 4-6 months of coaching with us isn’t right for you at the moment, although we highly recommend it for the best results! If you change your mind though, you’re welcome to upgrade to our coaching programs if you decide you to. Just ask your practitioner, and they’re happy to help!

No, we do not offer payment plan options for an Endo Empower Consult, the full fee must be paid in full at the time of booking to secure your consultation.

Our Endo Empower Consult is designed to be a once-off session; however, we understand that you may get to the end of the session and want to continue working with us. We would LOVE to continue supporting you! You can discuss this with your dietitian, and we can arrange an upgrade to one of our one-on-one nutrition coaching programs and credit you with what you have paid to date. You can also arrange this via email at [email protected].

We want you to get the most out of working with us, so be prepared for your consultation to help things run smoothly and make the most of our time together! So, here are what we love for you to provide to us ahead of your initial consultation:

  1. Your referral documents from your doctor (optional, if you have one or are claiming a Medicare rebate for your consultation) – this is not necessary to see us!
  2. A copy of your blood work results from the last 6-12 months. Haven’t had any before then? Drop us an email, and we can help point you in the right direction with requests with your GP or PCP.
  3. A summary of your current supplements and medications (if any), including brand name, when you take them and how much of each you take.
  4. Any relevant tests, reports or summaries (if any)
  5. Completely optional: a 5-7 day food diary – please don’t feel obligated to do this. If you don’t get the chance or choose not to, we are trained to get the information we need about your diet without needing a food diary!

You need a few pieces to help get connected to your dietitian at The Dietologist:

  1. A laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone is preferred, a smartphone works too when you’re on the go!
  2. A reliable Wi-Fi or Internet Connection
  3. A headset or earphones are preferable
  4. You don’t need to have Zoom installed on your phone or laptop; however, it can make for a smoother experience for you!
  5. That’s it! Click the link in your appointment confirmation email a few minutes before your appointment begins. 

We are here to help. If you have any issues with the above, please contact us via email at [email protected]

We recommend providing as much information about your health as possible before your consultation so we can tailor our recommendations to your unique circumstances, and bloodwork can be particularly useful! Collate your pathology results from the last 6-12 months before your appointment and email them to us at [email protected]

Please email us after you are booked in and one of our practitioners will review your history and make suggestions for you to request from your doctor, please allow adequate time to see your doctor and arrange these tests so we have the results for the consultation, we require a *minimum* of 48 hours to reschedule your consult without a fee.

No. The consultation fee covers the expertise and knowledge of your dietitian and the design of your bespoke plan and recommendations, which are emailed to you after your session, including where to purchase your products. Due to the individual nature of each supplementation plan, our fee does NOT cover any of the costs of purchasing the supplements or the ongoing costs of re-purchasing your products.

For Australian clients only. Yes, we are registered with all private health insurers. We can provide a digital receipt via email after you attend your consultation with us for you to claim back a rebate if you have private health with dietetics cover (please check with your insurer for rebate amounts and your coverage as well as any terms and conditions). We are also recognised by Medicare; you may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan or Team Care Arrangement Plan from your GP (general practitioner), which entitles you to claim a rebate for up to five appointments with an allied health professional each year. Speak to your GP to see if you’re eligible and ensure you provide your documentation to us before your first consultation. We can process the rebate on your behalf after your consultation. We also accept Eating Disorder Care Plans, which can entitle you to up to 20 dietitian appointments per year. 

You are also welcome to pay out of pocket if neither option is relevant to you.

If you have questions about rebates and referrals, please email us at [email protected].

Your dietitian will complete a thorough nutrition assessment (don’t worry, it’s nothing like an exam!) this way, we gather all the data we need to design a customised plan for you and helps us identify what diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes may be needed to optimise the management of your endometriosis symptoms and your personal lifestyle goals! Then, we discuss your key questions and identify your priorities and goals. Then we chat about nutrition recommendations (usually ideas, suggestions, swaps – we like to keep it practical around here!) and address any of your concerns! We will also discuss what supplementation might be appropriate before finalising your plan after the session.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us,
and we will be with you shortly.

Hey, We’re The Dietologist team – Stefanie, Candice & Georgia!

We’re The Terrific Trio Behind The Dietologist. While We Get To Know You, We Think It’s Only Fair That You Get to Know Us, Too!

I’m Stefanie Valakas, Accredited Practising Dietitian and founder of The Dietologist. I began my career as a dietitian in children’s nutrition before transitioning to reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy nutrition, so it’s safe to say I know my stuff! I love focusing on fertility, reproductive health, and nutrition to help hopeful parents improve their health for themselves and their future child too!

I’m Candice Crellin, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 15 years of experience supporting individuals with their health goals. I’m inspired to help others on their fertility and pregnancy journey after navigating my own trials in growing my own family. I cannot wait to empower you on our unique path to parenthood!

I’m Georgia Spry, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a deep passion and commitment to reproductive health & fertility & pregnancy nutrition initially fuelled by the desire to help my loved ones who, just like you, were struggling with reproductive health concerns. My fire burns brighter than ever supporting individuals just like you on your reproductive health journey, I love seeing you thrive!

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