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Stefanie Valakas, founder of The Dietologist, has contributed to numerous articles and features on podcasts regularly.

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May 26 2022
Rebel Wilson comments about weight loss and fertility sparks controversy

Hormonally Yours Podcast
May 18 2022
Endometriosis Nutrition

The Secret Burden
May 15 2022
Starting the Conversation about Endometriosis

The Hormone Puzzle Podcast
May 5 2022
Optimal Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy & Partner with Kaylee Slater APD

Abbey's Kitchen YouTube Channel
April 15 2022
The Truth About the Endometriosis Diet

The Olive Wellness Institute
March 24 2022
The Best Cooking Oil for Endometriosis

Rhitrition Blog
December 2021
Should You Take a Pre & Postnatal Supplement?

Midwife Pip Podcast
November 29 2021
Boosting Your Fertility Health

Healthy Food Guide
December 2021
Real People, Real Results: Fertility

My Millennial Health
August 18 2021
How to Build a Fertility Friendly Diet

The Fanny Mechanic Podcast
June 21 2021
The Mediterranean Diet for Fertility

Healthy Male
June 21 2021
Can protein shakes and supplements affect male fertility?

YMCA Healthy Living Magazine
June 15 2021
Can your diet affect acne?

Congratulations It's a Cyst Podcast
May 24 2021
Endometriosis, Adenomyosis & Inflammation

Healthy Food Guide Australia Magazine
March 2021
Boosting Your Fertility

Healthy Male
December 4 2020
Do male fertility supplements work?

Nutrition Grad Guide Podcast
November 23 2020
Becoming an expert in fertility & women's health

Jennifer Robertson
November 21 2020
Foods for Endometriosis & Fertility

October 12 2020
Why is Iron So Important for Women?

September 26 2020
Fertility Nutrition Tips for Endo Warriors

September 15 2020
How to Prevent Allergies in Babies

Healthy Life Redefined Podcast
August 17 2020
Nutrition for Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Fertility Concerns

Authentic Spoon Nutrition Podcast
July 23 2020
PCOS, Endometriosis, Fertility & Sperm Health

Fertility Help Hub
July 9 2020
Endometriosis & Fibroids Webinar

Fertility Help Hub
June 14 2020
5 Biggest Fertility Nutrition Myths Debunked!

Olive Wellness Institute Podcast
June 9 2020
Healthy Eating for Fertility & Pre-conception

Medibank Be. Magazine
Issue 27 | Autumn 2020
You Are What We Ate

All About Fertility Expo Podcast
May 17 2020
Fertility Nutrition

The Fanny Mechanic Podcast
May 5 2020
The pill and nutrient deficiencies

The Fanny Mechanic Podcast
April 6 2020
Endometriosis & Nutrition

Unconventional Wisdom Podcast
March 28 2020
Eating Disorders and restoring fertility

March 19 2020
3 tips for COVID-19 Nutrition

Fertility Help Hub
March 13 2020
PCOS, Keto Diets and Conception Podcast

This Endo Life Podcast
March 6 2020
Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis Podcast

Strong Fitness
February 27 2020
Myth Buster: Seed Cycling

February 25 2020
The Many Faces of Endometriosis

House of Wellness - The Sunday Mail
February 16 2020
Two to Tango

Fertility Help Hub
January 9 2020
High Fibre Banana Bread recipe

Fertility Help Hub
January 2 2020
Vanilla Peanut Butter & Cacao Chip Bliss Ball recipe

Juna Moms Podcast
December 17 2019
Fertility Nutrition with The Dietologist

Megabite Online Nutrition
December 1 2019
Fertility Nutrition Webinar for Dietitians

The Pelvic Studio
November 7 2019
The Vaginal Microbiome A Whole New World Down Under

All About Fertility Expo
November 1 2019
How does diet and nutrition play a part in your fertility?

Dietitian Connection
October 4 2019
What is the best diet for fertility? 

Conceive Baby Podcast
September 23 2019
The PCOS Diet

Women in Focus Physio & Health
September 19 2019
6 Tips to Combat Pregnancy Constipation

Let’s Talk IVF Podcast with IVF Coaching Clinic
September 3 2019
Diet & Fertility

nib The Check Up
August 13 2019
Healthy alternatives to your 6 favourite junk foods

July 22 2019
Supporting weight management before, during or after pregnancy

The BubHub
August 26 2019
8 Essential Nutrients for Preconception

The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast with Fiona Tuck
August 21 2019
Endometriosis & Diet

Glowing Expectations
August 7 2019
The Vaginal Microbiome: A Whole New World Down Under

The BubHub
July 12 2019
8 Essential Nutrients to Include in a Vegan Diet for Children

The BubHub
June 17 2019

Women's Health Australia
March 2019 Edition
Boost Your Buzz

February 19 2019
Promoting good nutrition in pregnancy and beyond

January 10 2019
Celery Juice: What you need to know about this trend

What About Health?
December 6 2018
7 Healthy Habits Anyone Could Do (Recommended by Dietitians)

PCOS and Nutrition Podcast
October 18 2018
Role of Plant Foods in PCOS

Olive Wellness Institute
October 1 2018
The Mediterranean Diet & Fertility

September 25 2018
The Dietologist's Low FODMAP Breakfast Guide

September 18 2018
Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Dietitian Connection: Infuse
September 6 2018
Rising Star: The Dietologist

Starts at 60
August 30 2018
Vitamin C: From its incredible health benefits to the best food sources

Mum Central
July 18 2018
7 Crazy Diet Myths BUSTED!

Mum Central
July 11 2018
Why I Don't Make My Kids Eat Everything on Their Plates

Wonder Birthing
July 10 2018
4 Tips to Help Manage Gestational Diabetes after Diagnosis

Women's Health Magazine Australia
July 1 2018 (August Edition)
10 Weight-loss Strategies with Staying Power

June 30 2018
What's with the Kombucha Craze?

June 1 2018
The Best Healthy Snacks for Work

May 21 2018
Skinny Coffee the Next Biggest Instagram Scam

Yoga to Go
May 20 2018
Eat Well to Stay Well This Winter

Perkii Probiotics
May 17 2018
That Gut Feeling!

SBS Food
May 14 2018
Revealing the Personal Food Plan of One Dietitian

Ideal Nutrition
March 10 2018
Q+A: Paediatric Dietetics & Feeding Behaviours

February 23 2018
Top Tips for Staying Clean in the Kitchen

The Biting Truth
August 22 2016
Probiotics vs Prebiotics - What's the Difference?