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Every woman deserves to have reliable nutrition information when it comes to your health and fertility as well as the health of your future family.

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Are you making one of these 4 fertility diet mistakes without knowing it? Inside this FREE 1-hour masterclass and Q&A session with director of The Dietologist, Stefanie Valakas talks you through each mistake and how to avoid these pitfalls! PLUS, understand why nutrition prior to conceiving is so much more than just conceiving!

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Trying to conceive with endometriosis? Learn how to leverage your diet and nutrition can be tricky and full of common pitfalls and pot holes! Learn how to avoid the top 5 dietary mistakes I see endometriosis warriors making in this 60-minute masterlcass. Stick around until the end and receive a FREE copy of my 7-day endometriosis meal plan complete with a shopping list and recipes valued at $47.

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