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At The Dietologist, we deliver a practical and scientifically-backed approach to optimise your nutrition for reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy. Offering an array of online courses – we’re here to provide expert support at every stage of your fertility journey.

If You Want Fertility Success, We’re Here To Help

Better Nourishment

Learn how to nourish your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to enhance your chances of conceiving. 

Practical Strategies

We give you a clear action plan based on scientifically backed, practical changes that suit your lifestyle.

More Clarity

Watch the dark clouds of confusion disappear, allowing the nutrition clarity to shine through!

More Confidence

Know you’re fuelling your body with what it— and your future baby— needs.


We’re not going to let you break your promise! And, we’ll stick by you for the highs and lows.


Our supportive online communities are all ears (and eyes and typing fingers), to support you during your program.

Our Programs & courses

“Thank you so much for all the content you have provided for us all, I can’t wait to hear of successful pregnancies in the near future from the participants- myself included! …. [2.5 months later] I’m pregnant!”
Michelle M
Fertility 360

Fertility360 is a revolutionary approach to preparing for conception, combining medical, nutrition, movement and psychology from leading experts in their respective fields, this is the perfect online community-focused program for those wanting to optimise their fertility and improve their health for a future baby!

Fertility360 has reached over 130 people trying to conceive in February & August, and we are excited to make it a join-anytime program soon! If you want to get on the list to know when it’s available again, get on the waitlist below!

“Patients often ask how they can improve their diet whilst trying to conceive. This course is a great educational tool, as well as providing practical advice.”
Dr Helen Peric
Fertility Specialist
The waiting game

The Waiting Game is our wildly popular 4-week self-paced online program, designed to help transform your diet for optimal fertility.

Designed by expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist (and founder of The Dietologist), Stefanie Valakas, you’ll get access to an exclusive online community with women from around the world who are completing the program, as well as access to a dietitian to answer your questions and (of course) share delicious fertility-friendly recipes!

Get pregnant with endo

Get Pregnant with Endo is our comprehensive 6-month online program designed to support women with endometriosis who are trying to conceive. This program will help you reduce endometriosis pain, say bye-bye to bloating and optimise your fertility using an evidence-based approach!

Learn more about the program below, and get ready to take control of your symptoms and fertility for good!

“The course tutorials are so informative- I feel like I learn something new in every topic. They’re interesting, easy to follow, and are perfect to be viewed over a morning cuppa or whenever you have a spare ten minutes.

I looked at my plate and thought wow! It’s healthy and I’m so excited to eat it. It’s prepared using so much of the information I’ve learnt in the course. Here’s hoping it helps my embryo stick too!”
GPWE Member (2021)

Hey, We’re The Dietologist team – Stefanie, Candice & Georgia!

We’re The Terrific Trio Behind The Dietologist. While We Get To Know You, We Think It’s Only Fair That You Get to Know Us, Too!

I’m Stefanie Valakas, Accredited Practising Dietitian and founder of The Dietologist. I began my career as a dietitian in children’s nutrition before transitioning to reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy nutrition, so it’s safe to say I know my stuff! I love focusing on fertility, reproductive health, and nutrition to help hopeful parents improve their health for themselves and their future child too!

I’m Candice Crellin, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 15 years of experience supporting individuals with their health goals. I’m inspired to help others on their fertility and pregnancy journey after navigating my own trials in growing my own family. I cannot wait to empower you on our unique path to parenthood!

I’m Georgia Spry, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a deep passion and commitment to reproductive health & fertility & pregnancy nutrition initially fuelled by the desire to help my loved ones who, just like you, were struggling with reproductive health concerns. My fire burns brighter than ever supporting individuals just like you on your reproductive health journey, I love seeing you thrive!

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