Medical Nutrition Therapy for PCOS Workshop for Nutrition Professionals


Are you a dietitian or nutrition professional managing PCOS clients? Wondering what else you can be doing to comprehensively support their short and long-term health goals? How to clear this skin, facilitate hair growth (on their heads) and reduce the hair growing where they don’t want it (looking at you pesky chin hairs!) and regulate cycles using more than just a low GI diet?

Inside Medical Nutrition Therapy for PCOS designed & delivered by award-winning expert fertility and reproductive health dietitian & nutritionist, Stefanie Valakas APD, we dive into advanced strategies to enhance PCOS management.

What previous attendees have said about the training:
“Just went and finish off the last little bit of the Medical Nutrition Therapy for PCOS Masterclass and it was sooooooo valuable Stef – you’re a wealth of knowledge, thank you!” – Lily from Clean Kweens


? PCOS affects close to 20% of women of reproductive age, it impacts metabolic, mental and fertility health, and YOU are best placed to reduce their symptoms & empower PCOS warriors in your practice! ?

? Whilst a low GI diet is a great starting point, we can be SO much more specific and targeted when designing nutrition and supplement plans for those with PCOS…

I know you want to do the VERY best by your clients and get up to speed on the latest research and strategies to help enhance and optimise their health and wellbeing with PCOS! ?

BUT, we know it takes hours upon hours of reading, refining and research to make BIG changes to your practice, and I know you are Busy with a capital B, doing all the other things you need to do in your nutrition practice! ?

Who is it for? Dietitians and nutritionists who want to deliver bespoke and evidence-based nutrition & supplementation interventions for clients with PCOS.  This is strictly a practitioner-only training, it is NOT available for the public.

Where: Online

What: 2-hour recorded workshop (recorded November 2022) delivered by expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist, and founder of The Dietologist, Stefanie Valakas APD, is the professional development event for you!

We will cover:

  • PCOS Basics & Diagnosis
  • Testing & Interpreting Pathology Results
  • Health Care Team & Role of a Dietitian in PCOS Management
  • Nutrition for PCOS:
    • Insulin resistance
    • Weight management
    • Lowering androgens
    • Reinstating ovulation & menstruation
    • Mental health
    • Lean PCOS management – differences between lean PCOS & hypothalamic amenorrhoes
    • Menopause & PCOS
  • Supplementation for PCOS
  • Common Client Scenarios & Barriers
  • Case Studies andQ&A

PLUS, bonus eGuide Supplements for PCOS for Dietitians documenting the research, dosages & forms and contraindications (retails for $100 AUD)

Please note you will have access for 90 days to complete the training after you sign-up download the resources so you can revisit the content.

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