Get Your Body Baby Ready Masterclass


Get Your Body Baby Ready is a 60-minute masterclass designed to empower and educate hopeful parents (from first-time trying to conceive’rs to fertility treatment veterans) with practical and scientifically backed nutrition & lifestyle strategies to set your future baby’s first home (that’s you!) for conception success, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! Delivered by award-winning certified fertility & pregnancy dietitian & nutritionist, Stefanie Valakas APD, founder of The Dietologist


? Your Body is Your Future Baby’s First Home, so learning to nourish your body using evidence-based nutrition can transform your fertility journey and optimise the health of your pregnancy and your baby too!

The Get Your Body Baby Ready Masterclass is for everyone trying to conceive (from first timers to IVF veterans) who want to be proactive about their health and wellbeing and prepare their body to not only conceive quicker using proven scientific nutrition strategies (from an expert certified fertility dietitian & nutritionist), but also improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

? Boost your fertility & pre-conception health: science is consistently showing us that what we eat can improve your chances of conceiving quicker & setting yourself up for a healthy pregnancy, in just 1 hour you will learn the core strategies we use on the daily with our one-on-one clients at The Dietologist.

(Or if you’re proactive and like being ahead of the curve, you can familiarise yourself in anticipation of pregnancy too!)

This quick, effective & evidence-based workshop on fertility nutrition & lifestyle by award-winning certified fertility dietitian & nutritionist, Stefanie Valakas APD, founder of The Dietologist at the cost of 2 cups of coffee?! We can’t wait to see you inside!