Envision a bustling city during a weekday morning, but shrink it down to a microscopic level – that’s the microbiome within our bodies. It’s made up of countless microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. In a healthy person, these microorganisms coexist harmoniously, mainly in the intestines but also throughout the body.

Over the last five years, research has established a link between PCOS and shifts in gut microbiome composition. These changes are distinct to PCOS and not just tied to obesity, as they’ve been found in women of various weights and even in adolescent girls with PCOS and obesity, compared to their peers without the condition.

Continuing our PCOS mini series with its third installment, we’re once again joined by our senior Team Dietitian, Candice Crellin APD, to share practical insights into enhancing our gut health and how we can actively influence it.

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