This episode discusses a personal story. Every fertility story is different and unique. Please don’t compare your own journey to our guest’s story today and seek a professional health care team to support you on your own journey.

This week, we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our special community guest on the podcast – Sarah @ceomumma on Instagram and founder of @mummyandh, a solo mum to the adorable two-year-old, Hartley. This episode is all about her incredible journey as a solo mumma by choice, finding out she had Type 2 Diabetes right before her IUI and  navigating PCOS, and then navigating the road through to IVF and beyond!

Sarah’s journey paints a vivid picture of the emotional peaks and valleys, the waiting, and the unexpected twists and turns that often accompany the fertility journey. It’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, and many of us can relate to that.

But here’s the bright side that we’ll delve into: The importance of building a strong support network, making small and doable lifestyle changes, finding the right healthcare team to offer guidance, and making informed decisions about nutrition. These factors can really make a positive impact on your journey, nudging you a step closer to turning your dream of adding a new member to your family into reality.

A heartfelt thank you to Sarah for joining us on the podcast and sharing your story with such openness and vulnerability. We believe that many people will relate to and find inspiration in your journey.

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